Darker Side

The Darker Side of ADHD with A Man of Distraction

Kelly Babcock, Psych Central’s Man of Distraction, shares the darker side of ADHD including the need for instant gratification and poor decision making.
He explains that before he was diagnosed in his 50’s, he always thought he was more a victim of circumstance figuring that sooner or later his luck had to change.
But he’s here to tell you that it’s not about catching a break, it’s not about luck at all.
Kelly’s Awesome Quote:

“The things I’ve learned about what ADHD is
and what it does to you are absolutely astounding.”


The Darker Side

While Kelly’s life has drastically undergone some recent positive changes, things have not always been so good.
He’s suffered loneliness, depression and OCD all while being deep in debt, making one poor decision after another.
Listen, as he describes hitting rock bottom, knowing that no one else could do anything for him. He had to help himself.
After the show, feel free to write him at kelly@writeofway.ca and let him know your thoughts.
He also has two columns with Psych Central: A Man of Distraction and Today I Love. Please be sure to check them out!
You can also find Kelly with his band, Hot Black Coffee, on Youtube and Reverb Nation (see links below)
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