The Credit Goes to ADHD

Credit Goes to ADHD

Listen in, as Dan Galloway, and I, co-create my first backwards-style interview! Okay, so I introduce him at the end of the show, perhaps the credit goes to ADHD!
Dan wants folks to understand that ADHD “isn’t all bad.” He’s a professional speaker who usually talks about topics like perseverance and career transitions, but is now ready to launch into the ADHD and neurodiversity space. He’s a man on a mission.
He is looking for an agent with opportunities! Contact him through Twitter @TheADHDSpeaker
Dan’s Awesome Quote:

The Credit Goes to ADHD“Hello! Put some music on…
and then I put music on and then immediately
I’m into what I need to be doing.”



Credit Goes to ADHD

Dan knows he’s amazing in creative areas and has warmly received accolades for being entertaining, charming, engaging, enthusiastic, and inspirational. However, he says the credit goes to ADHD. It’s what allows him to shine.
He explains he’s been this way his whole life and wants to share what living with ADHD is like. Hear for yourself as Dan’s mind wanders off on tangents, as he says, that’s his ADHD is action. I bet you’ll agree with him that they’re fun and agree with me that he’s just as charming as he is engaging.
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~ Jennie

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Dan Galloway dot com

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