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ADHD Superhero

As a singer songwriter, writer of music, prose, and poetry, Kelly shares his creative talents with the world and is the supreme chief editor of See in ADHD.

He also has two columns with Psych Central:
A Man of Distraction and Today I Love.
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The Tom Nardone Show

ADHD Blogger

I’m a fountain of insight, drink from me!
~ Tom Nardone




Never A Dull Moment – Life & ADHD

Managing My Own ADHD

I’m a mother of 2, business owner, fashion designer, importer of Moroccan wares. I have a restless soul with an overflowing bucket list. I love writing and sharing stories about life and ADHD, my oldest son, my husband and myself all have ADHD so there’s never a dull moment in our lives!
~ Freya Duignan



ADD Adult Strategies

ADHD Pet Peeves
Doug Puryear
THE BOOKS : Your Life Can Be Better: using strategies for adult ADD/ADHD; Living Daily With Adult ADD or ADHD, 365 Tips o the Day
BLOG: ADD Adult Strategies


Shawn McGovern
Writer, blogger, ice cream salesman
Owner/Proprietor Musings Of Shawn on Facebook

Clinton Fetters is a husband and father with ADHD. He is currently writing about his experience at and is interested in connecting with other adults with ADHD to hear their stories. Find out all of the ways to reach out to him here.



Eat. Live. Dream. ADD. Thoughts From Inside My Skull

My name is Andrew. I was diagnosed with ADD at the age of five, and have grown up with it. This is the window through which I discover more about ADHD. The pages on the newsfeed are my favorite ADHD related pages, so that I may, in turn, directly share with others those things which I find relevant, useful, or just plain goofy.
~ Andrew Wilcox



Alyssa ‘Otter’ Sheldon

See in ADHD Mascot & goddess that gave birth to Mayhem and Chaos

“Well, I was odd & I met your dad & he was odd, and we had you, an Otter, because you are otter (odder) than anyone I know!”
~ Her mom, when the Otter nickname was bestowed.



Geoff Pilkington


Futurist, Neo-Generalist, Minimalist, Millennial, Indigo Kid, Actor, Blogger, Podcaster, and Content Creator.





Tricia Webb

I’m an avid adventurer and explorer of both people and places. Finding joy in posing thought provoking questions that challenge the mind and heart, I live a life where I am bold, passionate and spirited. I enjoy listening to people’s unique life stories, and also being able to serve and advocate for neurodiverse individuals.

~ Tricia Webb