ADHD Confidence

Do It Afraid: ADHD Confidence

Kanisha Howard has a level of confidence that serves her well. Even at times when she’s had her doubts and fears, her motto has been, “Do it afraid.”

Kanisha Howard has been hard at work as both a student teacher and musician. I caught up with her while she was on her way home from school, which is one of the few moments she gets to think and reflect before she has to be back on again either working or studying.

An accomplished musician, Kanisha can play piano, clarinet, e flat contrabass clarinet, drums, and percussion including the triangle. She can also sing!

Kanisha’s Awesome Quote:

Do It Afraid“Do it afraid.”



ADHD Confidence

Rather than becoming paralyzed when insecure, Kanisha has learned to let her fear drive her into action and she shares with me examples from her past, which inspire me and I bet you too!


~ Jennie


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