Combining Distraction

Combining Distraction with Love

Kelly Babcock lives as he writes, combining distraction with love in real life as well as his Psych Central columns, A Man of Distraction and Today I Love.
Listen, as we talk about his life, his work and his music.
He has two columns with Psych Central: A Man of Distraction and Today I Love. Please be sure and check them out!
You can also find Kelly with his band, Hot Black Coffee, on Youtube and Reverb Nation (see links below)
Kelly’s Awesome Quote:

“Everything works out
… until it doesn’t.”




Combining Distraction with Love

Fortunately, Kelly’s life has drastically undergone some positive changes since last we spoke.
Of course, I’m nosy, so I asked him about his new love and how things are going.
As before, Kelly’s sense of humor made our time together a lot of fun. (Again, I’m laughing throughout the show)
I especially love his exclamation…”We found it!…There’s the ADHD gift they talk about…we found it!.”
Last time, after the interview, he did share his true intentions with his writing A Man of Distraction,

“What I want is for people with ADHD to quit beating themselves up. I don’t want them telling themselves it’s a gift,
but I want them to understand that this is where they start from and all they have to do is move forward.”

I think he is teaching us well.
Please do let us know, in the comments below, what you think of the show.
~ Jennie


Resources Mentioned:
ADHD Superhero  ADHD Superhero









Hot Black Coffee:                                                                                                                                                YouTube:
ADHD Superhero ADHD Superhero









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