Chasing Kites in Childhood With ADHD

Chasing Kites in Childhood with ADHD

Have you wondered what childhood with ADHD is like? If you don’t have it yourself, I recommend Tom Nardone’s book, Chasing Kites, to help you gain perspective. In his memoir, beginning with Kindergarten, he takes you through his childhood explaining how he came to title the book.
In this episode, Tom catches us up on all things Nardone. You see, he didn’t just write Chasing Kites. He also, along with his beautiful wife, Yvonne, produces a podcast aptly named, The Tom Nardone show.
Tom’s Awesome Quote:

Chasing Kites in Childhood With ADHD“You know I’m in love with the sound of my own voice.
So, if there’s … people willing to sit and listen to me,
I will tear the roof off the place!”


Chasing Kites

As his newly appointed talent agent, I encourage you to reach out to Tom, invite him to come speak at your school or workplace. He’ll sign copies of his book and expand on his life’s details, which make a compelling and poignant story.
The truth is, growing up with undiagnosed ADHD has some challenges that aren’t fixed with more discipline or shame inducing rhetoric. Actually, these things can make life really hard. How Tom has come out on the other side, living to tell the tale, will have you alternately laughing and crying, but ultimately, I hope, rethinking your strategies for dealing with children who display ADHD traits and tendencies.
I also encourage you to listen to his show. Especially, if you aren’t a reader. Don’t worry, neither is Tom. So his podcast is just the thing to get your dose of Nardone humor and humanity.
According to Tom, he doesn’t get a lot of comments on his blog, so feel free to leave them here. He’ll love it and respond to each one!
~ Jennie


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