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“You have the same amount of hours in the day as I do,” my boyfriend and I were arguing again about my organizational methods, or, lack there of. I had been recently diagnosed with ADHD and was only beginning my journey of learning to manage the debilitating condition. As much as my boyfriend wanted to understand, he just didn’t. He was unable to. He had no idea what it was like. Because of his inability to relate to the jumble that my mind was on a regular basis, he would say things that would cut me to the core. I would respond with defensive, hurtful words; leaving us both frustrated and isolated.

I came across “ADHD: A Different Hard Drive.” I showed it to him and he inhaled the booklet. Clearly he wanted to understand more about my world. The next day, I was met with understanding that caught me off guard. Instead of the toe tapping and sighs while I looked for my keys, he lent suggestions as to where they might be. When I fluttered around jumping between three different projects, I paused to come up for air. My boyfriend was gazing at me with wonderment. “What?” I was suspicious. “Just watching how your brain works, waiting to see where your focus goes next.” Who was this man? What was in that book?

“ADHD: A Different Hard Drive” breaks down ADHD in a relatable, empathetic way. My boyfriend cared for me, but was unable to understand. I was unable to explain. “A Different Hard Drive” was a saving grace, as it bridged the gap in miscommunication. I found that as he learned and realized what ADHD truly was,

I gained confidence and would look optimistically towards the next day. Nothing gives more hope than feeling understood. This book gives just that.

~ R. Mackey


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~ Jennie.