Body Doubling

Body Doubling Helps with ADHD Procrastination

Body doubling helps with ADHD procrastination. Just listen how on the The ADD Couple podcast with Brett Thornhill and myself.
It’s a tried and true technique we each use in coaching.
I’m sharing episode 45 today so you can hear for yourself how much info we cover We air new episodes twice a week!
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Awesome Quote:

ADHD Emotional Complexities
“Think about something that you don’t want to
do and then just drag someone into it with you.”



Body Doubling Helps with ADHD

Body doubling is when someone is in close proximity to you.
Having them nearby can subconsciously activate you, helping you engage in an activity that otherwise you’d have difficulty mustering up the motivation for.
Activation is one of the executive functions negatively impacted in ADHD.
So, in this way, it helps with ADHD procrastination.
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