Being True to Yourself Is Key With ADHD

Being True to Yourself is Key With ADHD

Being true to yourself is key with ADHD; yet, it can seem tricky when being yourself means being various things at various times.
Today, we’re catching up with Brookley Wofford. Listen to her on episode 3, from months ago. I’ve been curious how she’s doing since then and as it turns out, she has a lot share!
After her reign as Miss Minnesota United States, along with all of it’s responsibilities and opportunities, she began to set her sights on new interests.
Recently, her fiancé and her have set a date, bought their first home, and a couple of jet-skis. She also spends her time, outside work, restoring old furniture and preparing to show her new Saddlebred, Lone Star Sparkle.
Brookley’s Awesome Quote:

Being True to Yourself is Key With ADHD
“I have my bad days,
I have really great days…
the thing is being positive.”


Being True

Brookley speaks to the highest level about personal awareness and acceptance and has determination to remain a positive motivating force for others.
She’s come to terms with the fact that for her, there is no one “thing” in life.
Her interests are too varied for that!
In this episode, listen in as she shares her strategy for balancing all of the various activities that make up her day.
She explains how using dedicated time wisely makes all things possible, even all of these new things in her life!
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~ Jennie


You can reach Brookley at Brands by Brookley
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Being True to Yourself is Key With ADHD

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