Barriers Associated With ADHD

Bashing Barriers Associated With ADHD and Other Learning Challenges

Brian King is master of bashing barriers associated with ADHD and other learning challenges as an international speaker, social worker and success coach.
He, himself, has both physical and mental barriers he’s had to learn to work around. So, he can relate to almost any challenge.
One of his biggest lessons has been that it’s okay to have others help you. In fact, he affectionately refers to his three sons as his ‘To-Do Crew.’
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Brian’s Awesome Quote:

Barriers Associated With ADHD
“Embrace the fact that you have some vulnerabilities, there’s stuff that
your brain simply doesn’t do. And, it’s okay to use tools and to lean on
other people because at the end of the day we are all in this together.”


Barriers Associated With ADHD

Brian is a communication specialist and that’s because he’s had to work so very hard to learn how to effectively communicate himself.
Born with ADHD, dyslexia, and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, he explains that like his sons with Asperger’s, he knows the frustration of not catching the nuances of social situations and being misunderstood.
In this episode, he shares one story of how a dear friend helped him out in a social situation that many others found too awkward to address.
You can also hear Brian, in this video, describe the context issues, which make many social situations too difficult for people like him. Without platforms like Facebook, many would perhaps remain socially isolated.

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Barriers Associated With ADHD


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Barriers Associated With ADHD


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Barriers Associated With ADHD



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