Bad Habits & Boredom With The ADD Couple

Bad Habits & Boredom With The ADD Couple

Presented for your listening pleasure: an episode of another podcast that I do twice a week called The ADD Couple, with my friend and fellow ADHD Coach, Brett Thornhill.
He and I discuss everything and I mean everything. (Mostly because he is verbose and I’m loquacious, LOL)  But we always cover the broad range of topics ever musing through the ADHD lens.
The ADD Couple’s Awesome Quote:

Bad Habits & Boredom With The ADD Couple
“I’ve had such a busy day,
you know, I’ve killed four aliens,
and I saved the world…”


Bad Habits & Boredom With The ADD Couple

Barriers to attention, like bad habits and boredom, are often experienced by individuals with ADHD and make great topics to bring to coaching. Listen in, as my colleague Brett Thornhill and I discuss how barriers like these look in everyday life.
In keeping with our commitment to deliver short and sweet episodes, we decided to break this topic into not just a two, but a three-part series. So enjoy this continuation where we discuss the role of bad habits and boredom in creating barriers to attention.
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~ Jennie


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Bad Habits & Boredom With The ADD Couple



  1. This podcast popped up on my Facebook from ATTITUDE Magazine. My 17year old daughter has ADHD and I was interested in hearing this boredom piece. As a non-ADHD person, I found this SO frustrating and non-educational. Jean and Brett was all over the place and talked maybe 5 minutes about bad habits (examples of their bad habits—not how/why someone with ADHD developes bad habits) and 2 minutes on boredom. More time was spent on the “Shout out” for an eye disorder which had nothing to do with boredom or bad habits. The first 3 minutes was a commercial and the last 3 minutes was a commercial.

    1. Hi Carole,
      I’m sorry you didn’t like the episode. ADHD doesn’t really determine which bad habits a person would pick up necessarily, but I would be happy to talk to you over the phone to see if I can help shed some light for your specific situation. I will email you now.
      Thanks for the feedback,

  2. I love the way Jennie and Brett can put on a podcast about ADHD and keep it light. As someone with ADHD, as well as an ADHD coach, I know all too well how heavy some of this material is. I welcome the change and the sense of humor that they have.

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