Everyone is Wired Differently

Eric Tivers is a licensed clinical social worker specializing in ADHD and Autism. On his podcast, ADHD reWired, I was able to share some of my journey about my family, ADHD, and how I got into ADHD coaching. Eric encouraged me to read the Forward to my upcoming book, See in ADHD & Get Clear on What’s Going On, as the introduction to my interview.

In his show notes, Eric included some of what I shared:

  • A lot of emphasis is placed on the person with ADHD and how they can manage it, but there’s little support for those who live day-to-day alongside them.
  • It can be hard to sift through all the information available on ADHD. Some of the content is inaccurate or poor in quality, and even the best information can tend to be very jargon-heavy, making it hard for those not studying the subject to understand.
  • Jennie feels having an ADHD education based around facts is important.
  • Jennie: “When I learned the facts of it and the wiring and […] subconscious processes, how can you think that the person is willfully doing something that you find annoying?”

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