Non-ADHD Kid / ADHD Parent

A special thank you to Gina Pera, author and owner of ADHD Roller Coaster for allowing me to share my personal story on a perspective we don’t hear enough about in the world of ADHD. I am the daughter of an ADHD/non-ADHD parent combo. Here’s an excerpt from my article.

Obviously, she wouldn’t have had to correct
Dad so much if he were more like her, the perfect
one. And since I was so much like him, I gathered
I probably wasn’t good enough either.

As a young kid, it was great having an adult that all the other kids wished they had as a parent. He would take me for bike rides and let me decide which way to go even if it were so far from the house we arrived back home after dark. He would tell my friends and me the scariest ghost stories and then chase us afterward.

Mom, on the other hand, never played with us, ever. She would only tell us what to do or how to do it. She was the disciplinarian and dad, the camp counselor. Naturally, she resented this, “Why do you always have to make me the bad guy?” From my perspective, she was doing that to herself.”

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