Another Side

Another Side to ADHD

No matter how many people you talk to, there’s always another side to ADHD to explore, because each individual is unique. Larry Goodman, as no exception, is his own man. He knows what he’s good at and what he’s bad at, and he thinks he’s figured out why.
He and I talk about how he’s made a living in the past and his plans for the future. We also talk about his past relationships and how he plans to make future ones better.
Interestingly, these two subjects converge. So, listen in and discover how.
Larry’s Awesome Quote:

Another Side
“If you love somebody…
you love them for who they are
and who they’re not.”



Another Side to ADHD

For all the reasons Larry enjoys life and his passion projects, there’s also another side, which he shares with us. It’s the side that makes life frustrating, makes people annoying, and makes it difficult to feel understood. Advanced ADD, as he calls it, can make life hard.
I appreciated Larry’s insights into what another side to ADHD is, the difficult side. I also appreciate his willingness to be open about his feelings, which I know so many share.
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~ Jennie


Stay tuned for relevant links to come as Soon as Larry’s podcast and business, both named Who Is My Type, launch later this year. Meanwhile, you can reach him on Facebook.

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