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Alternative ADHD Solutions

Alan Brown is an ADHD coach and brain-hack productivity master who uses alternative ADHD solutions. From overcoming drug addiction to mega-success in corpoarte advertising to giving a Ted Talk and creating his own brand at CrusherTV, Alan is proof that ADHD doesn’t have to stand in your way of doing anything you want to do in life. He’s also a very funny guy, so I’m sure you’ll enjoy listening to him as much as I do.

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Resources Mentioned in the podcast episode:
George Carlin: “Stuff” on YouTube
Dwarf Goats, Macaque Monkeys, Fainting Goats & Paul Lynn
Deepak Chopra: The 7 Laws of Spiritual Success


Crusher™ Alternative ADHD Solutions

I’m not only a fan of his, I’m in his membership community and recommend you join as well! Visit www.CrusherTV for details. I’ve also incorporated many of his Crusher™ strategies into my coaching practice and so have arranged the following discount:

ADD Crusher™ videos and tools are alternative ADHD solutions recommended by ADHD coaches, like myself, the world over to help teens and adults escape the overwhelm and live to their potential. Get the free eBook, 5 Things You’re Doing Every Day that Make Your ADHD Worse!, and use coupon code SEEINADHD15 to save 15% off any purchase at

Alternative ADHD Solutions

Secret Share:

Rather than only listing items on a to-do list, also keep a paper and pen handy to track your ‘Things I’m Not Doing Now’ activities. It’ll look like this…You’re working at your desk on a project and you realize you need to go start the dishwasher…write ‘loading dishwasher’ down under ‘Things I’m Not Doing Now’ and keep on task. This way you are getting it out of your head and you will be able to go back to the thought AFTER you’ve completed what you sat down to do in the first place. Now, how great is that?

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