The Other Side of "Do It Afraid"

The Other Side of “Do It Afraid”

“Do it afraid” has been the motto of Kanisha Howard for quite some time. Recently though, she’s been exposed to the other side of what that means.
Kanisha was on See in ADHD last Spring with Episode 17, Do It Afraid: ADHD Confidence.
And so I invited her to be on my 200th episode to share a strategy that helps her manage her ADHD, but she couldn’t meet with me until today.
She returns sharing her recent experience with depression. Listen, as she encourages everyone with similar struggles to ask for help.
Kanisha’s Awesome Quote:

The Other Side of "Do It Afraid"
“Even if you are afraid to take a minute for yourself…it’s worth it.”



 Do It Afraid

Learning to let her fear drive her into action was a strategy Kanisha told us about last time she was with us.
But like so many others, Kanisha’s challenges with ADHD also include depression, a common coexisting condition.
As she tells it, “Until it happens to you, you cannot understand what it’s like,” even though she had read all about it.
What to do when it happens to you? Ask for help, you don’t have to do it by yourself.
~ Jennie



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