Adult ADHD Diagnosis Later in Life

Getting the Diagnosis of Adult ADHD Later in Life

Sometimes you get the diagnosis of adult ADHD later in life rather than as a child. So, imagine what a surprise it is when you are told you have what you think of as a hyper-little-boy thing, and you’re a woman approaching 50.
Well, it may have initially been a surprise, but it ended up being something that helped explain a lot of things for Agnes Green.
As a successful business woman she would have never guessed she had a neurobiological condition that accounted for the different way she lived her life. As she explains it, everyone wanted her to do things in a way that, although linear, made no sense to her.
Aggie’s Awesome Quote:

Adult ADHD Diagnosis Later in Life
“Medication alone doesn’t
improve the management of ADHD.”



Adult ADHD Later in Life

We all experience several transitions as we get older. Empty nesting is one. Becoming a grandparent is another. Creating a second career is still another one not so uncommon today.
My dear friend Agnes has gone off the deep end, taken the plunge, and with wild abandon reinvented her … career!
It’s a pretty big deal. What inspires a high acheiving tech girl to leave corporate security and cross into the funtastic field of coaching? I’ll let her tell you herself and I bet you’ll become a fan just as I am.
Of course, every good coach can be reached via email, so while her is a work in progress, she’s still accessible at
Check out her new business page on Facebook, Agnes Green Coaching, or join her and me in the facebook group, See in ADHD.
~ Jennie


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