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How to ADHD Via Video

There are videos on everything these days … including How to ADHD via video.


Jessica McCabe joins me today to talk about her YouTube Channel.


I think her Twitter bio sums it up best:


“Building a toolbox of techniques for tackling ADHD.
I’ll tweet about the latest research, tried techniques, and my own foibles along the way to ADHD adulthood.”



Go ahead, watch the video and subscribe and then come back and listen to us talk all about How to ADHD.

Jessica’s Awesome Quote:

All About How to ADHD
“I was struggling, I needed tools. Here
are some tools that may or may not help
me and I want to share them with you.”



ADHD Via Video

Jessica explains about How to ADHD gives information in fun (and short) videos.
For example, as she puts it, “We have some trouble with our executive function. But, what does every executive need? A secretary.”
And then continues describing how your To-Do list could be seen as your own personal secretary.
In this episode, Jessica shares how so much about ADHD is about perspective. And changing your perspective is powerful.
Rather than viewing traits as defects or flaws, you can choose to see gifted and unique.
As well with that darn ‘ol To-Do list…it can feel like your ball and chain or you can take care of it as you would a pet, with love and devotion.
Please do leave a comment below and let Jessica know your thoughts on the show…this is, after all, her first time on a podcast.
~ Jennie

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All About How to ADHDAll About How to ADHD









All About How to ADHD




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All About How to ADHDAll About ADHDAll About How to ADHD














All About How to ADHDAll About How to ADHD








  1. Great interview I love Jessica’s videos! My question for you is, what is the name of the song that plays in your outro?? That bass line was very fun, so fun that I danced along to it!

  2. Thanks, RJ. I do know that it was from freepodcastthemes.com. When I first began, I would credit the site on air, but then someone told me you don’t have to do that every show, so I stopped. I don’t remember the name or if I ever knew it. But I like it to…it’s upbeat.

  3. Jessica is wonderful! I’ve just recently found her videos and they have been so helpful! I have adult ADHD (inattentive type….formerly known as ADD) and I have a 13 year old son with ADHD. So Jessica’s videos have been doubly helpful for me!! Lol! Thank you for having her on your show!

    1. Hi Kim,
      Thank you for the positive feedback, I’ll be sure to pass it along!
      I agree, she’s awesome!
      Thank you for listening to show as well.

  4. Hi!!
    Thank you for your podcast! Just heard Jessica’s interview as I was searching around for descriptions of ADHD. I’m 38 years old Catholic priest with ADHD- diagnosed twice, heavy on the H! Imagine what the homilies are like. Haha

    I’m excited to explore your site.
    Thanks again!
    Fr. Anthony Co
    Rock Island, IL

    1. Hi Fr Anthony, my dad was a Methodist minister…and he had ADHD too!

      Please let me know if I can help in anyway as you discover how your ADHD impacts you.

      Thank you so much for listening to the show!



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