ADHD Support Starts

ADHD Support Starts at Home

The best ADHD support starts at home. In this episode you’ll hear these wise words, and more, from a mom who has co-created with her husband a family strong.
Adrienne McLean is in business for herself as a trained presentations and marketing coach. Please check out her website, The Speakers Practice, below.
As a result of learning the skills that help others build confidence in presenting and marketing, she built a family of strong support for her children.
Adrienne’s Awesome Quote:

ADHD Support Starts
“Not giving up, I think that is something you
have to develop … and that really helps
focus on keeping going with what’s working.”



ADHD Support Starts

In the family, that’s where ADHD support starts, according to my guest today. Two of her three children are diagnosed with ADHD, so listen as she shares stories including the impact during the teenage years, I think will resonate with many parents!
Adrienne McLean also shares a lot about her growing up in a family of hard working entrepreneurs to becoming one herself. And you know what? She strongly suspects she has ADHD too, but hasn’t been officially diagnosed.
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Check out The Speakers Practice:
ADHD Support Starts

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