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A Man of Distraction – ADHD Superhero with Pen in Hand

Listen, as Kelly Babcock shares his story of ADHD diagnosis and how he came to be known as A Man of Distraction, an awesome ADHD Superhero name, don’t you think?
As a singer songwriter, writer of music and poetry, Kelly shares his creative talents with the world.
He also has two columns with Psych Central: A Man of Distraction and Today I Love. Please be sure and check them out!
You can also find Kelly with his band, Hot Black Coffee, on Youtube and Reverb Nation (see links below)
Kelly’s Awesome Quote:

Man of Distraction
“The things that squash us down and hold us back
that are a part of having ADHD, we’re very good
at hiding that…especially from ourselves.”




ADHD Superhero

While A Man of Distraction is a great superhero name, the truth is, Kelly’s gift with words make him a real life ADHD Superhero to those who enjoy his works.
I did ask how he’s able to sit and focus while writing since I could sense that sitting still through our interview wasn’t easy. He went on to explain that it’s because during the writing process his mind is free to run wild, so, he’s therefore able to physically sit still and focus.
Kelly’s sense of humor made our time together a lot of fun. (You can tell I was having a blast by the laughter)
I especially love his warning to naysayers…”ADHD is never gonna go away and they need to accept…’cause eventually we’ll be running the world…we’ll remember who didn’t like us.”
However, after the interview, he did share his true intentions, “What I want is for people with ADHD to quit beating themselves up. I don’t want them telling themselves it’s a gift, but I want them to understand that this is where they start from and all they have to do is move forward.”
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