ADHD Strategies

ADHD Strategies Can Make Life Better

“ADHD strategies can make life better,” says Doug Puryear, author of Your Life Can Be Better Using Strategies for Adult ADD/ADHD.
Doug is a psychiatrist who diagnosed himself with ADHD at age 64.
He’s also a loving husband, father, and grandfather who loves to write. Be sure and check out his blog, ADDadultstrategies – Tips O the Day.
Fortunately, he sought an official diagnosis from another doctor, started taking ADHD medication, and has developed the talent of problem solving.
Doug’s Awesome Quote:

ADHD Strategies
“Identify the problem, make a strategy,
make a rule, make a habit.”



ADHD Strategies

First, Doug says, you have to identify there is a problem. He explains before diagnosis he didn’t realize how his ADHD affected him, or created problems for him or his family…like losing his keys twice a week. He figured, that’s just life!
The next step is to create a strategy to implement. It needs to be one that you can commit to even if it seems like it’ll be difficult.
He says, from this strategy will be a rule you have to devise so that you have a go-to approach. For example, if the strategy is to use a calendar, the rule may be to put the activity in your calendar the minute you schedule it. Or, add an alarm to everything you put in your calendar.
There will then be a period of success and failure…trial and error…but eventually, you can make a habit.
Because habits are things that we don’t really worry about doing or put much effort into doing…that’s the goal, to habitualize your strategies.
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