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Jessica’s Awesome Quote:

ADHD Solutions
“There’s something cool and
different going on in my brain.”


ADHD Solutions

Jessica likes to explore solutions, learn solutions, share solutions:

“Building a toolbox of techniques for tackling ADHD. I’ll tweet about the latest research, tried techniques, and my own foibles along the way to ADHD adulthood.”


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Jessica McCabe

Jessica explains that her YouTube Channel, How to ADHD, gives ADHD solutions and information in fun short videos.

As she says, “We have some trouble with our executive function. But, what does every executive need? A secretary.”
And then continues describing how your To-Do list could be seen as your own personal secretary.
In this flashback episode, Jessica shares how so much about ADHD is about perspective. And changing your perspective is powerful.
Rather than viewing your traits as defects or flaws, you can choose to see them as gifts and what makes you special.
~ Jennie

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