ADHD: Shameless and Customized

MamaRed wants to spare you the agony she’s gone through. You see she’s come out the other side with ADHD, shameless and customized.
Listen, as she shares her story, which like so many others, include diagnosis later in life.
And, while she may be on her A-game now, she struggled to get here.
No one knows better what it’s like to feel ashamed, down and out, and needing to reinvent yourself.
MamaRed’s Awesome Quote:

“When you give yourself permission,
then you aren’t shaming you.”

ADHD: Shameless and Customized

MamaRed describes what she calls, “Creating Legally Lazy Business Owners”.
She, like so many I coach, got caught up in the shame game while creating her business, feeling like she didn’t know everything she “should.”
So, if you are new to online business, you’re gonna love MamaRed!
Listen, as she describes the crazy cycle so many of us experience when first entering this fast-paced arena.
She spent more money than she had to try and learn … only to discover, that sometimes “good enough” means GO!
And, she can teach you to do the same while also helping you  customize your backend processes as much as your front-end ones.
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~ Jennie


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