ADHD Revenge

ADHD Revenge: Celebrating Chaos and Creativity

Debby Edelstein describes the ultimate ADHD revenge, living life celebrating chaos and creativity while empowering others to just be themselves.
Since Debby lives in South Africa, she joins us via Zoom. We met in a Facebook group so secret, I dare not even mention it’s name. (Shhh!)
A self-described, “bad corporate employee”, she, like many entrepreneurs, hated the rules.
First, she shares her story of coming into her own after having her children. Next, she details the ups and downs of owning a business.
Now, embracing who she is and how she is, she is a powerful voice in the women’s leadership arena.
Debby’s Awesome Quote:

ADHD Revenge
“Find yourself and be
yourself, but louder.”

ADHD Revenge

Today, Debby works with women who work, lead and inspire.
We discuss many of the wonderful things she’s learned working with groups of women.
This includes the impact creative and chaotic people can have on the more systematic and organized types, and vise versa.
She knows the best way to learn is in a community because it’s about sharing ideas. Therefore, getting people together is key!
Listen, as she likens the idea of feminine leadership to the skill of pulling off a fabulous dinner party.
Bringing folks together, making them feel comfortable, noticing their needs and connecting them with others; all are talents in making groups cohesive.
Be sure to check out her wonderful conferences and leadership masterminds at Quality Life and We Lead.
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