ADHD Resiliency

ADHD Resiliency

Resiliency. There will always be opportunities to feel defeated. We all face them. But challenging times, when you feel the rug snatched out from under you, can also bring forth possibilities you never saw coming. Possibilities for greatness.
As a coach, I ask people all of the time, “What does that challenge look like to you?” We all see things so differently that perspective means everything.
Now enter Tanner Gers. Though he had ADHD, he was your average all-American kid, until at 21 he was in a horrific accident that now renders him blind. So, the question becomes a little ironic, but let’s ask it anyway. What does this challenge look like to him.
Tanner’s Awesome Quote:

ADHD Resiliency“Don’t try to put your
perceptions on me.”




Tanner walks his talk if nothing else.  In this episode, he details several of the obstacles he’s faced. He’s aware of how his ADHD has factored into some challenges yet it also helps create endless possibilities for him.
Since his accident, he’s gone on to become an accomplished US Paralympian, at one point ranked 4th in the world. He’s a published author, motivational speaker, and successful podcaster of two shows, The Athlete’s Summit and his newest venture, the Creative Success Podcast.
Be sure to check him out because he is amazing with extra zing!
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