ADHD Race Car Brain

Finding Open Road For Your ADHD Race Car Brain

Today, my guest and I discuss how finding open road for your ADHD race car brain is key to success.

Geoff Pilkington is a Hollywood actor and previous guest. Check out his thoughts on ADHD.

Tapping into his innate creativity, he contributes to Medium (see link below).

In fact, he is quite a gifted writer…check out the first article he wrote musing about our President-Elect.

Geoff’s Awesome Quote:

ADHD Race Car Brain“Find your open road. Times Square,
as a race car, doesn’t always work.”


ADHD Race Car Brain

Using the analogy of the ADHD brain as a race car isn’t new. The way in which Geoff describes it is.

Dr. Ned Hallowell made famous the analogy of the ADHD brain being like having a Ferrari engine with bicycle brakes.

Listen as Geoff takes a slightly different spin on it.

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Geoff on Medium:

ADHD Race Car Brain


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