ADHD Morning Routines

Managing Kids’ (with ADHD) Morning Routines

Day 1…and we’re talking about kids’ with ADHD morning routines.
Listen, as we kick off ADHD Awareness Month 2016 with a bang!
Everyday, in October, someone will come on and share a perspective, a story, a tip, tool, or insight into ADHD.
Eric’s Awesome Quote:

Parents ... Hang On!“What we’ve learned is you pretty
much have to keep watching them.”



ADHD Morning Routines

Today, Eric takes time out from his busy family life to share what its like for him to have a child that needs constant guidance. The struggle is real, especially in the mornings, as his son’s distractibility affects the household routine.
But his positive attitude and love for his little one far outweigh any inconvenience of parenting a child with ADHD.
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~ Jennie



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