ADHD State of Mind

ADHD is a State of Mind

Actor and producer, Geoff Pilkington, has come into his own rather recently while living out his dreams, LA style. He sees ADHD as a state of mind and wants others to focus on the positives. Listen in, as he shares his story from ADHD diagnosis to awareness to advocacy.


Originally from Missouri, he moved to Hollywood 10 years ago to persue a career in acting and film. He found the energy of a fast-paced talent agency suited him well…but things didn’t really click for him until he happened to follow the advice of a friend and visit a psychologist.


Geoff’s Awesome Quote:

ADHD State of Mind“It’s okay to have it
…there’s nothing wrong with you.”



State of Mind

Geoff explains that having ADHD is just a way of being. He shares how he’s come to believe this and makes a very compelling argument based on the work of others, most notably, Thom Hartmann. While there may be some drawbacks to having the condition, Geoff also lets us in on the fact that there are some almost superpower aspects he’s experienced. And he also has strong opinions about ADHD medication and meditation.


Geoff and I share the mission to raise ADHD awareness and stomp out the stigma associated with it. It was such a pleasure to speak with him, I hope you too, learn from all he shares. Feel free to contact him @

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~ Jennie



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