How ADHD Medication Helps

How ADHD Medication Helps Me: Don’t Make It Harder

Diagnosed with ADHD as a child, Sean Wallace knows of life with ADHD medication and life without it. With the prospect of going back to school, at 23, the awareness that he really needs the help motivated him to be re-diagnosed as an adult.
Surprise! On the proper dose, all of the reasons he hated ADHD medication as a child have disappeared.
He wants others to know of his experience in case it sounds like theirs. Sometimes, second chances can bring surprising results.
Sean’s Awesome Quote:

How ADHD Medication Helps
“When you’re not taking medicine, it’s not that
it’s not manageable but it makes things harder
than they really have to be.”



ADHD Medication Helps

After reading an article of mine The Process of ADHD Sean wrote a response. on my FB page. It was so powerful so he’s here on the show to share it with you. Here’s an excerpt from his original post:

Diagnosed with ADHD the summer before 6th grade and prescribed Adderall, Sean, “hated taking it, never ate, and my mouth would always be dry. I couldn’t sleep and It made it hard to make friends because I was so quite all the time (usually I would be talking up a storm and getting in trouble) I would trick the nurse at school and pretend to take it because I didn’t like it that much. The positive side to that was I would go from straight F’s to straight A’s in a matter of weeks, I would clean my house, be good, I never procrastinated, I was nicer. It worked miracles. Come to find out I was just taking way to high of a dosage…”

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