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99 Short Films: ADHD Medication Straight Answers Series

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Rick Green, from Totally ADD, shares his awesome video series which gives ADHD medication straight answers. After watching the 99 short films which, in combination, make up the video series, ADHD Medication: Big Questions Straight Answers, you’ll feel like an expert. At least you’ll be well equipped to have an intelligent discussion with friends, family and doctors!
Because, after all, an expert is someone who knows virtually everything there is to know on a subject, right?
How Rick came to know SO much about all things ADHD is a fun story that he goes more into on episode 05, I’m on Your Side, ADHD in Relationships.
But today we focus our conversation on some ADHD medication straight answers to really big questions.
Rick’s Awesome Quote:

ADHD Medication Straight Answers
“It can do miraculous things but it’s never enough on its own.”



ADHD Medication Straight Answers Series

Rick likens unmanaged ADHD to a tilted playing field, where you are the one always struggling uphill. ADHD medication is but one tool that can level that field, helping you win in the game of life.
One area, he explains, where ADHD medication can make a difference, is in dealing with the boring stuff, like organizing or washing dishes. As he says, “You don’t want to have to invent a new way to wash the dishes every day.” Being able to better focus allows you to get to doing what you want to do instead.

Totally ADD

I encourage you to check out his site, Totally ADD, a place where laughing and learning are side by side like videos on a shelf. Oh, yeah…and there are tons of videos to choose from in the shop! Below is the link to just one of the fabulous one’s we dicuss in this episode. There are many others available at
ADHD Medication: Straight Answers to Big Questions – (Video Download)               


ADHD Medication: Straight Answers to Big Questions will guide you through what you can expect from ADHD meds, how they can impact work, home and relationships and how they help with focus, overwhelm, motivation, and sticking with things.

    • 1) Answers all the big questions, concerns and fears, busts the myths. It also delivers the latest science without hysteria or hype so you can make the best decisions for you.


    • 2) Explains how ADHD medication works and addresses the possible side-effects and challenges.


    • 3) Logically organized, easy to search, simple to understand.

Experts and ordinary adults demonstrate how you can use medication to support and super-charge all of your other ADHD strategies.

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~ Jennie

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