ADHD not a label

Think About it, ADHD Isn’t a Label

ADHD Isn’t a Label

I’ve talked about this before. To clarify, it isn’t a label, it’s a diagnosis. It means you have a naturally under aroused pre-frontal cortex. Our neurotransmitters are responsible for helping us to engage in activities, plan, organize, and follow through with things and is, therefore, affected.

When you say it’s a label you take away the validity of that fact. Labels are stupid stigmatizing words that cause hurt feelings and show how ignorant the users of them are.

For example, calling Suzie lazy hurts her feelings, and shows you know nothing about how the brain works or what is stopping her dead in her tracks. It may seem like she’s stopped but really it’s that she can’t take another step forward. She hasn’t got the fuel for that.

It’s a chemistry issue.

Understanding it’s a diagnosis validates that medication helps regulate the neurotransmitters in Suzie’s brain, often elevating them to the levels required for optimal brain functioning. You already have sufficient levels? Ok, then you don’t have ADHD.

Natural Alternatives

So maybe you want a natural solution?

Ok, then understand the problem, an under aroused pre-frontal cortex needs optimal levels of dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine in order to fuel the executive functions. These regulate the automatic things we do, like thinking of how to do things, in what order and such, and what will happen if we don’t do things, (consequences).

If you aren’t going to take the medication that helps ramp up these levels of neurotransmitters, then make sure to get lots of exercise. That naturally increases dopamine levels. So does doing things you love to do.

HINT: If you love to move and use your hands a lot, don’t get a job in a cubicle. If you love to connect with people in person, don’t work from home.

Doing what you love stimulates your reward center (another area regulated by executive function), which in turn ups your dopamine levels.

Here’s the Take Away:

Stop thinking you can judge, shame, or will a biological condition into compliance. It’s not rocket science, but it is biology.

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  1. Not the label but the REASON. It is a quantitative issue not a qualitative one. Even more mind blowing (no pun intended) check out ADHD/Anterior Cingulate.

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