ADHD Is A Way Of Being In The World

“ADHD is a way of being in the world”, according to Dr. Adrian McIntyre.
Listen, as he joins me in celebrating my 50th birthday.
He’s a cultural anthropologist shedding light on the stories about ourselves that we tell to ourselves.
We talk about difference, sameness, and how humans project moral judgements onto things.


Adrian’s Awesome Quote:

Adrian McIntyre
“The stories we tell ourselves about
ourselves are often not the kind ones.”

Way of Being

Raised in a family that was all about storytelling, he knows the power of stories and how they bring communities together.
Listen, as we talk about storytelling, beliefs, choice, and how we are all in this together!


Dr Adrian McIntyre


“Dr. Adrian McIntyre is a cultural anthropologist, media personality, and internationally recognized authority on effective communication. His on-air experience began at the age of five as a co-host of “The Happy Day Express,” the longest-running children’s radio program in California history. In the course of his widely varied career, Adrian has lived and worked in over 30 countries as a researcher, journalist, humanitarian aid worker, marketing consultant, and communication strategist.”



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~ Jennie



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