ADHD Info Gets Personal

Have you ever wanted to be just like everyone else? Then got to thinking, “Who am I, anyway?” So, you start to figure it out by getting some ADHD info and slowly digesting what you need to know.
That is a part of Mark Wilson’s story but not nearly all of it.
If you’re curious what it’s like to live in Alaska, enjoy shooting pictures and wild animals, tune in.
Mark’s Awesome Quote:

ADHD Info“I’m unique … I’m not broken at all.”




Mark Wilson is the creator of My ADHD.Info, an online resource he’s created to help others who, like him, have at some point felt they were broken.
Writing about his ADHD has helped him tremendously. He’s also out to help businesses create win-win situations with their employees who have ADHD. He’s identified some problems in workplace environments, and with the way his mind works, he’ll no doubt offer some creative out-of-the-box solutions.
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