ADHD Ignorance

Ranting About ADHD Ignorance When No One Is Listening

Ranting about ADHD ignorance when no one is listening is exactly what Andrea Bell does to blow off steam when dealing with her local school system.
Unfortunately, they are ill-informed about the condition and how best to help her child.
Listen, as she shares how her children are the ones who urged her to post one of her rants on social media.
And, well…that’s how she came to be on my show today!
Andrea’s Awesome Quote:

ADHD Ignorance
“These children need to understand
who they are and how great they are.”


ADHD Ignorance


Here’s the video that Andrea posted:



Ranting in private is a brilliant way to blow off steam and to process your feelings.
Posting it on social media is priceless.

Go ahead, watch the video and subscribe, then come back and listen to us talk all about how the school systems are failing our children.

Figuring out how to eradicate the ignorance about ADHD is a piece of the puzzle.

Actually providing support for folks is Andrea’s mission.


Go check out her work at ADD Norfolk.

You can also email her directly:
~ Jennie


ADD Norfolk:






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