Your Version of Happiness

ADHD & Your Version of Happiness

Daniel Eric Bowling. Upholsterer by trade. ADHD creative by nature. Inspiring happiness.


Daniel’s talent is building strong connections with everyday people and identifying useful tools from various industries in order to help others solve problems in unique ways. He’s an experienced tradesman and podcaster, and so has married his passions with the Smart Tradesman Podcast.


Daniel’s Awesome Quote:

Your Version of Happiness
“… discover your version of happiness
while living a fulfilled life on your own terms.”




Your Happiness

Passionate about inspiring others, working in teams and creating real solutions to real problems, Daniel soon will be applying his Creative Roundtable Model with other creatives. You can check it out at


In this episode Daniel and I discuss higher education versus the trades and his ideas around living a life inspired. He also gets personal with me and shares intimate details of his ADHD and narcolepsy.


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~ Jennie



Resources Mentioned:

The Smart Tradesman Podcast

Chasing Kites by Tom Nardone

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