ADHD Gifts Versus Strengths

Join us, as Cristina Favreau and I discuss the the topic of ADHD gifts versus strengths.
We agree that moms who home school rock and that discovering what makes you awesome is the most empowering thing you can do.
She says it’s when she thinks about her unique combination of strengths is when she wants to be better at those instead of wanting to be better at things like housework.
It’s a wonderful formula fueling motivation, drive, interest, purpose…
Cristina’s Awesome Quote:

ADHD Gifts
“Quit wallowing in your weaknesses,
trying to make those better…these are
the things you kickass at, work on those.”


ADHD Gifts

Cristina explains that when she feels good, she sees her ADHD as a gift, but when her seasonal depression kick in, not so much.
In this episode, she shares her strengths combination and gives us some resources to help you find yours.
After taking the strengths finder test:

    1. 1) Individualization
    2. 2) Learner
    3. 3) Activator
    4. 4) Responsibility
    5. 5) Achiever

Cristina also describes herself as an introvert stuck in an extrovert’s body.
I think you’ll enjoy listening to her stories, I know I did!
~ Jennie

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