ADHD Family Management

Introducing a Solution to ADHD Family Management

Is there a single solution to ADHD family management? After all, the problems are vary and are complex. Listen today, as we discuss a new one, ‘I Got This’.
There’s a lot to organize within a family as well as for a parent or a child.
There’s school, work, activities, parties, vacations and of course … (duh, duh, duh, duh) … the dreaded household chores.
Rich’s Awesome Quote:

ADHD Family Management“ADHD is a byproduct
of being amazing.”


ADHD Family Management

Enter “the Solution.”
Rich Schramm and his wife, Denise, have spent a lot of time creating something terrific for their family and yours around these 3 main ideas:

  1. An App
  2. A Community
  3. A Mission

It’s very exciting to introduce Rich to my listeners.
You see, his family is your family.
With 3 kids, as well as himself, diagnosed with ADHD and ADHD-like conditions, the need for structure, motivation, and connectedness is very real.


ADHD Family Management Solution: I Got This

As you listen to this episode, I think you’ll also hear the over-arching need for positive self-esteem above and beyond all of the challenges ADHD presents.
Learn how the app, the community, and mission are all geared around this most important aspect.


I Got This


You Can Help:

Rich and Denise are about to bring I Got This to market but still could use your help!.
Look over their Kickstarter campaign and see how you can be a part of the solution.
Go ahead, click here: ‘I Got This‘, then come back and listen to us talk about Rich, his family, and how ‘I Got This’ came to be.
By the way, the rewards for joining in the campaign are amazing!


I Got This Kickstarter


Go check out more details at I Got
~ Jennie


I Got This:






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