ADHD Everyday

The Joy of Helping Others Who Also Live With ADHD Everyday

Dr. Joy Prescesky shares with us the joy of helping others who also live with ADHD everyday, just like her.
She left a successful career as a vet to stay at home with her kids, affording her the opportunity to go back to school and become an ADHD coach.
You see, one of the benefits of her job is that she works over the phone from home.
Working as an ADHD and executive function coach in Canada, you can contact her through ADHD Interrupted.
Joy’s Awesome Quote:

ADHD Everyday
“Once you have a diagnosis, educate
yourself and then own your ADHD.”


ADHD Everyday

Dr. Joy brings to the table the fact that she lives with ADHD everyday…along with her kids.
She knows first-hand there is no cookie cutter approach to treating and managing your ADHD.
As a knowledgable and resourceful coach, she recommends checking out the following:
1) mindfulness
2) exercise
3) medication
4) nutrition
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