Abundance of Energy or ADHD?

Abundance of Energy or ADHD?

My coaching business leads me down many paths. Not only do I get to help people reach their potential but I also meet other entrepreneurs who support me in various business, leadership, and podcasting groups. Many of whom have ADHD. And when they come on my show it’s so fun because we have a lot to talk about.


Julien Marion is one of these kindred spirits. He’s also a fitness trainer, a business coach, and owns a dance and fitness studio with his wonderful wife. Together they have 3 kids with a fourth on the way! And, he has a podcast I urge you to check out, The Path to Unlimited Podcast.


Julien’s Awesome Quote:

Mentoring & Coaching ADHD“I have more energy than most
people…that’s my story and I’m sticking with it!”



Abundance of Energy

Julien is originally from Africa and shares with us the word he was called growing up. To me it sounded like chubilong, but however it’s spelled, it means ‘hyper’. To him and his family it meant having an abundance of energy. He credits his mom for channeling his power with breathing exercises, meditation, sports and marshall arts.


Listen in and learn about ADHD from a perspective of wholeness, intensity, passion, and power. Julien sees it as a difference in cognition, not a disorder, and empowers his students to do the same urging they not let others put limitations on them.


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