Emotional Stress

ADHD Emotional Stress and How to Handle It

Living with ADHD emotional stress can take its toll. Fortunately, James Ochoa, author of Focused Forward, joins us to share strategies on how to handle it.
After identifying the Emotional Distress Syndrome associated with ADHD, James Ochoa created a resource that helps.
His is book, Focused Forward: Navigating the Storms of Adult ADHD, helps you navigate your inner storms.
Check out his previous episode here. And then listen to what’s new in James’ world of helping others handle their ADHD emotional stress.
James’ Awesome Quote:

Emotional Stress
“You really can be powerful to shift and
make changes in your life that are meaningful.”


ADHD Emotional Stress

The inner stress of having ADHD can throw you off balance both mentally and emotionally.
Feel frustrated, confused or disoriented from time to time?
Today, James shares 3 strategies that can help:

    1. Guided meditation
    2. Periods of silence with a bell going off intermittently
    3. Contemplate forms of doing an action

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Focused Forward

“In Focused Forward: Navigating the Storms of Adult ADHD, author and self proclaimed “ADHD-er” James M. Ochoa, LPC goes beyond the management and scheduling techniques most ADHD books focus on to deal with what really holds so many ADHD-ers back—the emotional fallout of ADHD. He helps readers identify, manage and alleviate symptoms of a PTSD-like condition he calls the Emotional Distress Syndrome, with practical, proven advice including:

Understanding the link between ADHD and emotional distress
What Emotional Distress Syndrome (“EDS”) feels like
How to construct an Emotional Safe Place
How to recruit your own Mental Support Group
Eight essential tools to help you cope
And more…
With wisdom, humor, and plenty of (sometimes painful) empathy, Focused Forward will help adults with ADHD move past the pain and shame toward a future full of possibility, balance and joy.”


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