ADHD Emotional Regulation

ADHD Emotional Regulation with The ADD Couple

Listen, as The ADD Couple get into the topic of ADHD emotional regulation.
Brett Thornhill and I discuss Dr William Dodson’s Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria in detail. After all, wouldn’t we all like to understand the emotional realm of ADHD better?
I’m sharing our episode here so you can hear for yourself how much info we cover on our podcast. We air new episodes twice a week!
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Awesome Quote:

ADHD Emotional Regulation
“Sometimes your emotions
can feel real…like physical.”



ADHD Emotional Regulation

Emotional regulation profoundly impacts people’s lives; however, it’s perhaps the least researched topic.
That’s because it’s really hard to apply scientific method to something as subjective as emotions.
But that doesn’t mean that emotions are real or really difficult to manage when you have ADHD.
The good news…we’re starting to know why!
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~ Jennie

The ADD Couple:
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Today’s Shoutout:
How ADHD Ignites RSD



  1. Wow, thank God for you guys! I just went to a seminar with Brett last night which was great and informative so here I am Ms Google trying to soak it up & I stumbled unto this talk between you and Brett! I learned things at the seminar last night with Brett that I wasn’t aware of! Awesome! But I wear the mask everyday, I am a people pleaser and I am tired of doing it! I feel like a chameleon, I can be whatever you “expect” me to be. When I get home, I don’t want to socialize with anyone or talk to anyone, it’s like I need to decompress from the world. Totally unhealthy, and it sucks, but I am making some very healthy choices and taking care of me. The medication helps so much, at least I don’t waist time ruminating my life away! The Education is an other part of my personal growth then for me the hard part is implementing all this stuff! I will stay tuned!

    1. Thank you, Sharon!

      We definitely can appreciate what you’re describing.

      Increased self-awareness and education, hand-in-hand, do make for positive changes though…especially when you’re implementing some tools like medication.

      Be patient with yourself. It all does take time and sometimes it’s a two steps forward, one step back process for a while.

      But we’re with ya!!

      I’m also thrilled you listen to the show. Let us know what else we can deep dive into for you!



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