ADHD Emotional Complexities

The ADD Couple Discuss ADHD Emotional Complexities

Listen, as The ADD Couple, Brett Thornhill and I, discuss ADHD emotional complexities.
It’s not our first time, but it can’t be talked about enough.
I’m sharing our episode here so you can hear for yourself how much info we cover on our podcast. We air new episodes twice a week!
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ADHD Emotional Complexities
“Sometimes emotions in ADHD
can be frustrating and debilitating.”



ADHD Emotional Complexities

Emotional regulation is the lesser researched of the executive functions.
That’s because it’s difficult to apply scientific method to emotions.
But emotions and emotional management can be really difficult to manage when you have ADHD.
Thankfully, to folks like James Ochoa, we can begin to understand how to help people without medication.
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The ADD Couple:
The ADD Couple



Today’s Shoutout:

Focused Forward

“In Focused Forward: Navigating the Storms of Adult ADHD, author and self proclaimed “ADHD-er” James M. Ochoa, LPC goes beyond the management and scheduling techniques most ADHD books focus on to deal with what really holds so many ADHD-ers back—the emotional fallout of ADHD. He helps readers identify, manage and alleviate symptoms of a PTSD-like condition he calls the Emotional Distress Syndrome, with practical, proven advice including:

Understanding the link between ADHD and emotional distress
What Emotional Distress Syndrome (“EDS”) feels like
How to construct an Emotional Safe Place
How to recruit your own Mental Support Group
Eight essential tools to help you cope
And more…
With wisdom, humor, and plenty of (sometimes painful) empathy, Focused Forward will help adults with ADHD move past the pain and shame toward a future full of possibility, balance and joy.”
Especially relevant is that this book continues the conversation about the emotional component to ADHD.

So, please keep the discussion going, below.

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