Helps ADHD Doodlers

Visual Note Taking Helps ADHD Doodlers

Visual note taking helps ADHD doodlers by capturing information in a fun and meaningful way.
Ashton Rodenhiser joins me today to discuss how visual note taking can be especially helpful for those of us who struggle in taking away clear and valuable information from meetings or classes.
As a visual learning strategist, I’ve featured Ashton’s work as show notes for Episode 5 on ADHD in Relationships with Rick Green.
Ashton’s Awesome Quote:

Helps ADHD Doodlers
“I truly believe that everybody can do what I
do because it’s not about art, it’s about ideas.”


Helps ADHD Doodlers

As Ashton points out, doodling with purpose can maximize what you absorb and retain simply because our brains retain 29% more information visually obtained.
And, the best news….she says anybody can learn to do this!
First, you have to realize, perhaps most importantly, is that you don’t have to capture every word in order to create effect notes.
As she explains, it has to do with dual-coding in the brain…so be sure to listen, she explains it well.
She also generously offers 50% OFF her Visual Note Taking Course for my listeners. Enter coupon code SEEINADHD.
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8 Elements You’ll learn about in the course!

1) Lettering
2) Bullets
3) Lines
4) Boxes
5) Arrows
6) Colors
7) People
8) Shadows and Shading

Please let us know if you’d like to see more show visual notes for See in ADHD episodes, like the one here.
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