ADHD is Different For Women

ADHD is Different For Women

Sarah Castañeda is a journalist turned online marketer/blogger. But it wasn’t until her diagnosis, in 2013, when her writing and passion became one. Now she writes to inform and create awareness of ADHD, more specifically, how ADHD is different for women.
I encourage you to check her blog, Adulting with ADHD. You can also reach out to her on Twitter @adultingadhd
Sarah’s Awesome Quote:

ADHD is Different For Women
“I call it surviving.
You’re surviving everyday…
you’re a survivor.”


ADHD is Different For Women

Here’s an excerpt from Sarah’s About page at

“The topic of ADHD in women has fascinated me since 2013, when I was first diagnosed. I was seeing a psychiatrist about other mental health issues and she put it together. It has changed my life ever since and continues to impact me every day. It opened me to a new world in which I didn’t feel like a punchline, but instead somebody with a completely treatable real illness. This awareness combined with the proper treatment has enabled me to accomplish things that were never before possible.
ADHD is commonly considered a little boy’s disease because the symptoms look different in girls. Maybe you weren’t the class clown, nor did you talk too much in school. Maybe you fell through the cracks and are part of this fascinating lost generation of women who are coming into their own as awareness of ADHD women continues to rise. Maybe you’ve heard people say ADHD isn’t real or that you’ve been frivolously diagnosed. This blog aims to unpack all of this and more.”


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ADHD is Different For Women


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