Life After the ADHD Diagnosis

Your 2.0, Life After the ADHD Diagnosis

Brett was diagnosed with ADHD in his 40’s. He clearly remembers what it was like before and says that life now, since his ADHD diagnosis, is better.
In this episode, he describes his transformation based on awareness, acceptance, and embracing his ADHD.
The passion for helping others based on what’s he’s learned is reflective in his life. He even changed careers to become an ADHD Coach, the only one, in fact, in Newfoundland, Canada.
Brett’s Awesome Quote:

Life After the ADHD DiagnosisAfter his later-in-life diagnosis:
“I’ve seen both sides of that
coin, and this side’s better.”



Life After the ADHD Diagnosis

Brett Thornhill is a fellow ADHD Coach whom I met at the 2015 CHADD Conference in New Orleans, Louisianna. I asked him on the show because he’s an ispiration and I believe his is a story worth sharing. His point of view, while unique for him, is also the story of millions.
He describes some of the feelings that he experienced from the almost grief-like process upon diagnosis to the joy of reinvention. He likes to say that since his diagnosis he has become Brett 2.0.
As my friend and colleague, Brett coproduces the podcast  The ADD Couple with me. Please do check it out if you want to hear two ADHD Coaches talk about all things ADHD. And if you like it, please do subscribe, rate, and review the show.
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ADHD Medication ControversyADHD Medication Controversy
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