ADHD Debt Management

Need an ADHD Debt Management Plan?

Do you need an ADHD debt management plan? A lot of folks do.
Darla Dixon has been kind enough to come on today and share her family’s experience with debt management.
She is a portrait artist, so please do check out her work at
her story, unlike many others, has a very happy ending! Listen to how she got rid of almost $34,000.00 of debt in a little over 4 years.
Darla’s Awesome Quote:

“Your debt is like
volunteer slavery.”



ADHD Debt Management

First, Darla lays out for us exactly what got her family into the position of owing WAY more than they could pay off. (spoiler alert –>> It could happen to you!)
Next, she talks about the power of asking for help, something many with ADHD find hard to do.
Then she gives you the name of the people who helped her and guess what? They may be able to help you in the same way!
As Darla explains, the whole problem stems from paying interest on interest, which only leads to the dreaded snowball effect!
Before you know it, you’re stressed to the max and have nowhere to turn. It doesn’t have to be that way.
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ADHD Debt Management
ADHD Debt Management


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