ADHD Conversations

ADHD Conversations

Meet Jerry Arbs. He’s a successful YouTube artist, videographer, photographer, vlogger, entrepreneur…and person. Join in continuing our ADHD conversations around the diagnosis itself and the ideas that swirl around in Jerry’s head.
He began his YouTube channel with the goal of starting conversations. He wants to talk about a lot of things but ADHD was the first topic that came to mind. So, he posted a video about what it was like to have it. You can see this video for yourself below.
I always enjoy spending time with Jerry and I’m sure you’ll see why. He’s warm, witty, and sensitive. And has thoughtfully mused over the subject of ADHD for most of his life.

He’s come up with his own theories and revelations based on his perspective and then points out, so insightfully, that everything around us can only be viewed from our own perspective. And that everyone sees it different.

Jerry’s Awesome Quote:

ADHD Empowered“Your perspective on life, the way you think
about it, is literally…everything.”


ADHD Conversations

Jerry wants to ignite a conversation with you! Because so many people ask him if they have ADHD, he doubts it’s a yes or no question, but would love your input. Listen to how we start the discussion and then add your point of view either below in the comments or visit Jerry at You Tube.

We also talk about perspectives and state of mind. Jerry thinks that the most important thing a person can do is explore who they are and how they best operate in order to live life happiest. After listening to him, I think he’s on to something!
~ Jennie


PS I’m thrilled he let’s everyone into his mind during our time together and invite you to check out the video that started it all for him, below.

Visit Jerry on YouTube


  1. I didn’t recognize Jerry with the beard and Mustache, but I already follow him on Youtube and think he is funny as Heck.

    1. Me too, Beth!!
      Be sure and let him know what you think about the topics we raised in the show, either here or on his YouTube page.
      He’s So great…the first time he was on my show will air again this Friday!
      ~ Jennie

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