200th Episode Finale

The See in ADHD Celebration Continues

The See in ADHD celebration of 200 episodes continues! Listen, as Jennie Friedman rings in the new year with old friends sharing ADHD strategies.
Happy New Year and thank you for listening to the See in ADHD podcast.
I wanted this episode to give you the takeaways that is often the ‘why’ you listen to the show.
So, I invited 15 of my previous guests to come on and share their favorite go-to tip or strategies in managing their ADHD.
Also, it’s not just the 200th episode, but also, at the time of my writing this…there are 179,780 downloads as well.
Okay, I wanted 200,000 by the 200th episode, but hey, the fact that this show has been played tens of thousands of times in the last 10 months is awesome!
Jennie’s Awesome Quote:

“I’m changing the cultural conversation around
ADHD two ears at a time http://apple.co/1RGp5xu
Listen how on my podcast http://www.seeinadhd.com.”





See in ADHD Celebration

This episode we pick up where we left off and the party continues, hence the number 200.25, yes, we’re almost half way through.
First, I have to give a big thank you to friends of mine, Tom and Yvonne Nardone, for co-hosting the show with me.
You can here their previous Episode 90 here.

Larry the Car Flipper

Larry the Car Flipper
“K-I-S-S, and know your limit.”




Larry the Car Flipper joins us to share his wisdom. You can hear his previous episode here or go to Larry The Car Flipper and learn how to earn extra money!

Eric Tivers

Journey Into Life With ADHD
“Make sure that you have timers
with batteries all around you.”



Another previous guest, Eric Tivers, LCSW, productivity coach, and host of ADHD reWired also joins us.
Listen, as he describes the positive impact ADHD medication made on his life in Episode 26.

Liz Lewis

“I sort of have to do a brain
dump and I do it in a journal.”



Next, Huffington Post contributor and creator of A Dose of Healthy Distraction, Liz Lewis,  from Episode 18.
She’s a mommy on a mission, plus she writes amazing articles.

Marie Angell

“When I do something, there’s a little cat icon
in the Google calendar, so I put a cat on it!”



Marie came on Episode 63 to talk with me about talking (verbal processing in ADHD) and playing her ukuleles, a thing she and Yvonne Nardone have in common!
Finally, before we pause for a break, Rick Green from Totally ADD joins in the fun with a special offer just for See in ADHD listeners!

Alan Brown

ADHD Brain Hacks
“Ask yourself… If I can only get 3 things
done today, what would would they be?”



Special Offer

As an affiliate of Alan’s Crusher program:

ADD Crusher™ videos and tools are alternative ADHD solutions recommended by ADHD coaches the world over to help teens and adults escape the overwhelm and live to their potential. Get the free eBook, 5 Things You’re Doing Every Day that Make Your ADHD Worse!, and use coupon code SEEINADHD15 to save 15% off any purchase at ADDCrusher.com.

AFF Combo

Be sure to also check out Alan on previous episodes discussing brain hacks and mindfulness, on Episode 40 and his CrusherTV series on Episode 159.

Stay tuned for part 3 tomorrow!

~ Jennie


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A Dose of Healthy Distraction:
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