200th Episode Finale

See in ADHD Celebrates!

See in ADHD celebrates the New Year with 200 episodes! Listen, as Jennie Friedman rings in the new year with old friends sharing ADHD strategies.
Happy New Year and thank you for listening to the See in ADHD podcast. I’m Jennie Friedman and I invite you to join me in celebrating my 200th episode!
I wanted this episode to give you the takeaways that is often the ‘why’ you listen to the show.
So, I invited 15 of my previous guests to come on and share their favorite go-to tip or strategies in managing their ADHD.
Also, it’s not just the 200th episode, but also, at the time of my writing this…there are 179,375 downloads as well.
Okay, I wanted 200,000 by the 200th episode, but hey, the fact that this show has been played tens of thousands of times in the last 10 months is awesome!
Jennie’s Awesome Quote:

“I’m changing the cultural conversation around
ADHD two ears at a time http://apple.co/1RGp5xu
Listen how on my podcast http://www.seeinadhd.com.”





See in ADHD Celebrates 200 Episodes

I’ve kept it a secret until now…but basically this episode was created to give value to you, the listener, while See in ADHD celebrates.
I invited 15 previous guests to come on and share their favorite tip or strategy they use to manage their ADHD.
First, thank you to two awesome friends of mine, Tom and Yvonne Nardone, for co-hosting the show. Thank you for your support and contribution, guys!
You can here their previous Episode 90 here.

Doug Puryear

ADHD Strategies
“More than just having a To-Do List,
you need to know how to work it properly.”



Next up, Doug Puryear, doctor and author. You can hear his previous episode here or go to www.addadultstrategies.com

Jeremy Michael

5 Dating Challenges
“Find a motivator, find a
reason to reach your goal.”



Another previous guest, Jeremy the firefighter and founder of ADHD Singles on Facebook, a support site, (not for dating!) joins us.
Listen, as he describes the challenges of dating with ADHD on Episode 78.

Jessica McCabe

About How to ADHD
“We can get frustrated at
how misunderstood we are.”



Next, YouTuber, Jessica McCabe from Episode 83 is in our Zoom Room and shares two tips, one of which is teach what you learn.
That is what she does on her successful YouTube channel How to ADHD…be sure and subscribe! To date is just shy of 50,000 downloads!
Finally, before we pause for a break, Rick Green from Totally ADD joins in the fun with a special offer just for See in ADHD listeners!

Rick Green

ADHD in Relationships
“Educate yourself!
Keep learning, keep learning.”



Special Offer

In addition, Rick has a special deal he’s giving to See in ADHD listeners: Buy ADD & Mastering It! Video download version and enter coupon code: NewYear for an additional 10% off!

  • Learn in a style created by and for those with an ADHD mindset, as Patrick and Rick present a playful approach to taking on new and productive habits.
  • Pick and choose from 36 tools and strategies that will not only help you manage your ADHD, but actually allow you to thrive!
  • Turn ADHD traits into advantages as you explore for yourself the proven strategies that others have used successfully in their own lives.If you’re thinking, “36 strategies?! I can’t keep my attention on 2 things,” don’t worry! ADD & Mastering It! gives you a range of tools to try out–if something doesn’t work, ditch it and move on! This video puts choice into your hands—there’s something for everyone!

Put these approaches to the test and find out why people are saying, “I used to suffer from ADHD. Now I just have it.”


Buy ADD & Mastering It! Video download version and enter coupon code: ‘NewYear’ (one word) for an additional 10% off!

Be sure to also check out Rick on previous episodes discussing relationships with ADHD, Episode 5, and ADHD medications, Episode 104.

Stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow!

~ Jennie


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