ADHD Approach to Education

ADHD Approach to Education

David Mulford joins me today and it’s a blast from the past. You see, David and I went to Middle School together and only reconnected in adulthood through the miracle of Facebook.

David shares his personal educational path beginning with the nontraditional classes and curriculum we both enjoyed in the 80’s, in the progressive “Open” Program.
He went on to enjoy success as an opera singer and was offered acceptance into Julliard School of Music, but that wasn’t to be. He chose to attend a state college instead, where he met his wife, of 25 years, and interestingly wound up in education himself. Today he works for Roanoke College as their “Media Technologies Guy”.
David’s Awesome Quote:

34645_540070377908_162720_n“If you find something that
works for you…do it.”


Non Traditional Education

David’s parents discovered the Open Programs were the right fit for him. They were somewhat unstructured enough that he wasn’t forced to sit behind a desk all day. And he was encouraged to follow his interests like acting, singing, and creating the school’s radio program, much like today’s Montessori Schools.
Listen in as he credits his early exposure to tech for creating his eventual career success and our musing about our formative years. Nontraditional environments probably helped us both to be out-of-the-box thinkers.
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